Best Medicare Advantage Plans Oklahoma 2025

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Key Takeaways

  • Top-rated Medicare Advantage Plans in Oklahoma for 2025 include those from Aetna, GlobalHealth, and Humana with 4.5-star CMS ratings; plans continue to provide affordable options with many beneficiaries having access to $0 monthly premium plans.


  • Beneficiaries must assess the costs and benefits of various plan types (HMO, PPO, PFFS, SNPs) and consider the additional benefits offered by plans, like dental and vision coverage, as well as provider network size and accessibility to ensure they choose a plan that meets their healthcare needs.


  • Enrollment in Medicare Advantage Plans is subject to certain periods such as the Annual Election Period and Open Enrollment Period, along with specific eligibility criteria; beneficiaries can utilize local resources for assistance and should carefully consider multiple factors, including CMS star ratings and network restrictions, when selecting a plan.

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Top Medicare Advantage Plans in Oklahoma for 2025

According to ratings from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the top-rated Medicare Advantage Plans in Oklahoma for 2025 include those from Aetna, GlobalHealth, and Humana, all boasting 4.5-star ratings.


Best medicare advantage plans in oklahoma



These ratings are calculated based on member input and reported data, demonstrating the plans’ high performance and value.

Remarkably, all Medicare beneficiaries in Oklahoma had access to a Medicare Advantage Plan with a $0 monthly premium in 2023, and the average monthly premium decreased slightly to $14.42. This trend of affordable and high-quality healthcare is likely to continue in 2025, making these plans attractive options for many Oklahomans.


Best Overall Plan

If you’re in search of the best Medicare Advantage plans offering comprehensive benefits coupled with a high CMS star rating, the AARP Medicare Advantage Choice Plan 2 from UnitedHealthcare is a standout choice as the top overall Medicare Advantage plan in Oklahoma for 2025.

Like most Medicare Advantage plans, this stellar plan includes a wide range of benefits, including:


  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Hearing
  • Fitness
  • Worldwide emergency services
  • Telehealth options


The plan’s high CMS star rating is a testament to UnitedHealthcare’s unwavering commitment to quality and performance. This means that enrollees can rest assured they’re receiving the best possible care and coverage.


Best HMO Plan

In the realm of Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Medicare Advantage plans, CommunityCare Senior Health Plan and CommunityCare Options reign supreme in Oklahoma for 2025. These plans have both secured a four-star rating from CMS, marking them as superior choices.

The quality and performance of a plan are gauged effectively by CMS ratings. This makes the four-star rating of these plans significant for beneficiaries considering HMO options. With these plans, beneficiaries can enjoy excellent coverage without breaking the bank.


Best PPO Plan

For beneficiaries in search of flexibility and quality in a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan, HumanaChoice H5216-323 (PPO) and HumanaChoice H5216-264 (PPO) stand out as top PPO Medicare Advantage plans in Oklahoma for 2025. Both plans boast a 4.5-star CMS rating, reflecting their excellent quality and member satisfaction.

What sets these plans apart is their $0.00 monthly premium. The HumanaChoice H5216-323 offers a Maximum Out-Of-Pocket (MOOP) of $4,900, while the HumanaChoice H5216-264 provides a MOOP of $7,550. These features make these plans cost-effective choices for beneficiaries needing extensive care.


Best Plan Without Drug Coverage

Humana Value Plus H6622-049 is the top-rated Medicare Advantage Plan in Oklahoma for 2025 for those who either already have drug coverage or don’t require it. This plan comes with a reasonable monthly premium of $19.30 and an in-network max-out-of-pocket limit of $7,550.

Despite not having prescription drug coverage, this plan doesn’t skimp on other benefits. It boasts a 4.5 out of 5-star rating from CMS and includes benefits for:


  • vision
  • dental
  • hearing
  • fitness
  • worldwide emergency
  • telehealth

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Understanding Medicare Advantage Plan Types in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, many Medicare Advantage plans are available, including a variety of Medicare plans such as Medicare Advantage options that offer Medicare Advantage plans:


  • Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)
  • Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs)
  • Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS) Plans
  • Special Needs Plans (SNPs)


Each of these has its own unique features and benefits.


Oklahoma medicare advantage plans 2024



For example, HMO plans typically have lower costs but require beneficiaries to stay within the provider network, except for emergencies, and require referrals to see specialists. PPO plans offer more flexibility by not strictly requiring beneficiaries to use providers within a network.

SNPs, on the other hand, cater specifically to Oklahoma residents with certain institutions, those eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid, or with specific chronic or disabling conditions. Understanding these differences can help beneficiaries choose a plan that best meets their healthcare needs.


Evaluating Costs and Benefits of Oklahoma Medicare Advantage Plans

When choosing the right plan, it’s necessary to evaluate the costs and benefits of Medicare Advantage Plans. It’s important to examine:


  • Plan premiums
  • Copays
  • Coinsurance
  • Out-of-pocket maximums


It’s also worth considering the low cost plan availability, especially whether the 53% of plans with a $0 premium meet your needs.


Largest medicare advantage plans



Moreover, many Oklahoma Medicare Advantage plans offer a variety of additional benefits that go beyond Original Medicare, including dental, vision, and hearing health services, as well as over-the-counter medicines, transportation, and fitness memberships.

For example, BCBSOK offers Medicare Advantage plans with additional benefits such as a $1,000 spending card for dental, vision, and hearing, and a D-SNP plan with generous allowances.

Evaluating these factors can help ensure you get the most value for your money.


Assessing Provider Networks and Accessibility

The provider networks and accessibility of Medicare Advantage plans in Oklahoma can significantly vary. Some key points to consider are:


  • Some plans tend to have more limited networks compared to traditional Medicare
  • There can be substantial variation in network size among different plans within the same county
  • On average, the networks for Medicare Advantage plans comprise less than half of all physicians in a county


Moreover, access to specialists, especially psychiatrists, is often more restrictive in Medicare Advantage plans, with some networks including less than 10% of county psychiatrists.


Medicare advantage plans list



Therefore, understanding network restrictions and outpatient services, including prescription drugs, is key to avoiding unexpected expenses when care is sought outside the network.

For strong networks, consider plans from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma, which include a wide array of providers and hospitals.


Enrollment Periods and Eligibility for Oklahoma Medicare Advantage Plans

There are specific periods that you should keep in mind when enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Plan. These include:



Additionally, Special Enrollment Periods (SEPs) are available for qualifying events.

Eligibility for enrollment includes:



Keep in mind that Medicare Advantage plans are not allowed to solicit or receive enrollment forms before the Annual Election Period beginning on October 15.

Tips for Choosing the Right Medicare Advantage Plan in Oklahoma

A careful consideration of several factors is required to choose the right Medicare Advantage Plan. It’s crucial to consider:


  • The type of plan
  • Coverage details
  • Provider network
  • CMS star ratings

This will ensure that the plan aligns with personal healthcare needs.


List of medicare plans



Be aware of narrow insurer networks that may control costs; understanding network restrictions is key to avoiding unexpected expenses when care is sought outside the network.

Using a downloadable checklist can simplify the experience of identifying the best Medicare Advantage plan based on one’s health needs. Consulting with a licensed insurance agent can also be helpful in this process.


Local Resources and Assistance for Oklahoma Medicare Beneficiaries

Various local resources and assistance are available to help Oklahoma Medicare beneficiaries navigate the world of Medicare Advantage Plans.’s Plan Finder tool allows beneficiaries to view and compare plans based on CMS ratings.

For personal assistance, Oklahoma residents can contact HealthCompare at 1-855-728-0510 (TTY 711). In addition, local assistance is available through organizations like Oklahoma Human Services and the Oklahoma Insurance Department Medicare Assistance Program.

Online tools such as Insurify Medicare can also be useful for exploring and comparing plans based on locations and individual preferences.


As we’ve seen, there are a variety of top-rated Medicare Advantage Plans available in Oklahoma for 2025. From comprehensive plans like the AARP Medicare Advantage Choice Plan 2 from UnitedHealthcare to more specialized options like the Humana Value Plus H6622-049, there are choices to suit a range of healthcare needs and budgets.

Choosing the right plan involves careful evaluation of costs and benefits, provider networks, and CMS star ratings. It’s also crucial to take advantage of the resources and assistance available, both online and locally. By doing so, Oklahoma residents can ensure they have the coverage they need to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Which Medicare Advantage plan has the highest rating?

The Humana Medicare Advantage plan has the highest rating for its quality, customer satisfaction, and availability. Customers have reported better healthcare experiences with Humana compared to AARP/UHC.


How much will the Medicare Advantage plans cost in 2025?

The average monthly cost for Medicare Advantage plans in 2025 is expected to be $18.50, but it may vary depending on the insurer and level of coverage.


Is Medicare premiums going down in 2025?

Medicare premiums are expected to increase in 2025, with the standard monthly premium for Part B rising to $174.70 from $164.90 in 2023. Certain voluntary enrollees eligible for a 45% reduction will pay $278 in 2025.


Why are people leaving Medicare Advantage plans?

People are leaving Medicare Advantage plans due to excessive prior authorization denial rates and slow payments from insurers. These issues are among the most commonly cited reasons for the exodus.


What resources are available to help me choose a Medicare Advantage Plan in Oklahoma?

You can use’s Plan Finder tool or seek personal assistance from HealthCompare for help in choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan in Oklahoma. Local organizations like Oklahoma Human Services and the Oklahoma Insurance Department Medicare Assistance Program also provide support.

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