CarePlus Medicare Advantage Plans 2025

Looking for insights on the potential Medicare Advantage plans for 2025? Understanding your options is crucial. This article demystifies CarePlus’s possible offerings for the upcoming year and how they could impact Florida residents like you – delivering the facts you may need about CarePlus Medicare Advantage Plans 2025.


Key Takeaways

  • Some CarePlus Medicare Advantage plans may offer tailored healthcare coverage that could be exclusive to Florida residents, with a variety of options such as HMO, HMO-POS, and Special Needs Plans to cater to specific needs.


  • CarePlus will likely provide comprehensive benefits, which may include prescription drug coverage, and possibly have additional perks such as dental, vision, and hearing services.
  • Some limitations of CarePlus may include its regional availability being confined to Florida and the need for members to stay within network providers for HMO plans.


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CarePlus Medicare Advantage Plans Overview


CarePlus Medicare Advantage Plans 2025 CarePlus Medicare Advantage Plans Overview


CarePlus will likely offer a range of Medicare Advantage plans, including Medicare Advantage HMO PPO options, each designed to accommodate a variety of healthcare requirements and financial constraints. With options such as HMO, PPO, and PFFS plans, CarePlus has secured a Medicare contract that allows it to cater to the diverse needs of beneficiaries.

CarePlus might go beyond merely covering costs, as it will likely aim to potentially provide comprehensive coverage and benefits that may significantly improve the lives of Florida residents.


CarePlus in Florida

Exclusive to the Sunshine State, CarePlus could serve Florida residents with tailored Medicare Advantage plans. Whether residing in the bustling city of Miami or the tranquil Naples, Floridians could potentially find CarePlus plans tailored to their unique healthcare needs. So while you won’t find CarePlus in NY, OH, or PA, each CarePlus plan may be a testament to their commitment to Florida’s residents.


Types of Plans

CarePlus will likely offer a variety of plans, each may be designed to meet different healthcare needs. Their Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans, for instance, require members to utilize a network of local healthcare providers. For those seeking more flexibility, CarePlus offers HMO Point-of-Service (HMO-POS) options that allow for out-of-network services at potentially higher costs.

CarePlus could potentially cater to individuals with specific healthcare needs by providing Special Needs Plans. These include Dual-Eligible Special Needs Plans (D-SNPs), designed for individuals who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid, and Chronic Special Needs Plans (C-SNPs) for individuals with certain chronic conditions. In pursuit of optimized care coordination, CarePlus also offers Coordinated Care plans.


The Potential Advantages of Choosing CarePlus Medicare Advantage


CarePlus Medicare Advantage Plans 2025 The Advantages of Choosing CarePlus Medicare Advantage


Opting for a CarePlus Medicare Advantage plan may bring numerous advantages. From the possibility of having affordable premiums to prescription drug coverage, CarePlus plans could be designed with the specific health needs of Florida residents in mind, possibly ensuring that residents could have access to effective healthcare solutions within their local context.


Affordable Premiums

Affordability may stand out as one of the potential key features of some CarePlus Medicare Advantage plans. These budget-friendly options include the Carefree (HMO), CareOne Plus (HMO-POS), and CareFree Platinum (HMO) plans.


Prescription Drug Coverage


CarePlus Medicare Advantage Plans 2025 The Advantages of Choosing CarePlus Medicare Advantage


The potential inclusion of prescription drug coverage that may be provided in certain Medicare Advantage plans might be another significant benefit of CarePlus plans. These plans could potentially feature a pharmacy network that may include a selection of lower-cost, preferred pharmacies, potentially reducing members’ expenses on prescription medications.

However, the availability of these lower-cost pharmacies may vary, particularly in designated urban, suburban, and rural areas.


Possible Extra Benefits

Beyond the basics of healthcare coverage, CarePlus may go a step further by offering possible extra benefits through the CarePlus Complete package. This will likely include dental, vision, and hearing benefits, possibly enhancing the comprehensive nature of their plans.

Members may even benefit from a potential discount on hearing aids through HealthInnovations, which may be complemented by a nationwide network for hearing tests and hearing aids.

Routine dental coverage may also be part of some of the CarePlus Medicare Advantage plan benefits, which may ensure your smile could stay healthy along with the rest of you.


Potential Drawbacks of CarePlus Medicare Advantage


CarePlus Medicare Advantage Plans 2025 Potential Drawbacks of CarePlus Medicare Advantage


Limited Availability

One of the potential limitations of CarePlus will likely be its exclusivity to Florida residents. While this may allow CarePlus to tailor some of their Medicare Advantage offerings to the specific healthcare requirements of the state’s population, it could also mean that some of these plans may not be available to residents outside of Florida.


Plan Types

CarePlus primarily offers Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and HMO Point-of-Service (POS) options, which might limit flexibility for some members. While HMO plans are generally more affordable, they require members to choose in-network providers for coverage, except in emergencies.

HMO-POS plans, on the other hand, offer more flexibility by allowing members to use certain out-of-network services, albeit at a higher cost.


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Understanding Potential Costs Associated with CarePlus Medicare Advantage

Grasping the possible costs that may be associated with some Medicare Advantage plans could be of utmost importance. With CarePlus, these costs may include:

  • Premiums


  • Deductibles


  • Copays


  • Coinsurance



Another potential cost consideration for enrollees could be the Medicare Part B premium. Regardless of the CarePlus plan premium, enrollees must continue to pay their Medicare Part B premium.


CarePlus Medicare Advantage Performance Ratings

Beyond the potential benefits and possible drawbacks, considering the performance ratings of some CarePlus Medicare Advantage plans may be essential. In previous years, CarePlus boasted an average star rating of 4.04, reflecting its high performance and commitment to quality healthcare.


Medicare Star Ratings

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will rate Medicare Advantage plans on a 5-star system, with higher ratings indicating better quality and performance.

CarePlus has received high average star ratings from Medicare, consistently outperforming the national average for Medicare plans. This may suggest that beneficiaries enrolled in CarePlus could expect a high level of service, potential comprehensive coverage, and quality care.


Third-Party Ratings

Aside from Medicare star ratings, J.D. Power may also measure member satisfaction with certain Medicare Advantage plans based on eight factors. It may be a good idea to check third-party ratings when considering different Medicare Advantage plans for a comprehensive evaluation.


CarePlus Service Area and Enrollment

CarePlus will likely be dedicated to providing a range of Medicare Advantage plans that could be tailored to meet the specific healthcare needs of Florida residents. Their plans may cover a range of counties throughout Florida, possibly ensuring that a wide demographic within the state could have access to CarePlus services.


Service Area


CarePlus Medicare Advantage Plans 2025 CarePlus Service Area and Enrollment


As mentioned earlier, CarePlus will likely offer some Medicare Advantage plans that may be exclusively offered to residents of Florida. However, the availability of certain CarePlus Medicare Advantage plans, and the potential costs and covered benefits, may vary by location within the state.

It’s also important to note that some out-of-network providers will likely be under no obligation to treat CarePlus members, except in emergencies.


Enrollment Process

To be eligible to enroll in a CarePlus Medicare Advantage plan, individuals must be of Medicare-eligible age and reside within the service area. Enrollment periods for CarePlus Medicare Advantage plans will likely coincide with the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period and certain Special Enrollment Periods, possibly allowing for plan changes or new member sign-ups at designated times of the year.

To enroll, call one of our licensed agents at 1-844-350-0776 (TTY user 711) Mon-Fri 8am-9pm Est. They can provide comprehensive information, personalized guidance, and ongoing assistance to navigate the enrollment process for private insurance companies, making it easier for beneficiaries to make informed decisions about their healthcare.


CarePlus Company Background

CarePlus Health Plans, a company that values diversity and does not discriminate was incorporated in 1985. It was acquired by Humana in 2005, bringing it under the umbrella of a company with a long history in the healthcare industry and a reputation for quality service.

CarePlus has consistently demonstrated strong operating performance and will likely sustain premium revenue growth, earning it an AM Best Financial Strength Rating of A (Excellent). This could signify  CarePlus’ ability to meet its ongoing insurance obligations, possibly reflecting the strength of its balance sheet and the adequacy of its risk-adjusted capital.


Customer Support and Resources

Robust customer support is readily available to CarePlus members, potentially including free language interpreter services. By calling Member Services at 800-794-5907 (TTY: 711), members can receive assistance with any inquiries or concerns they might have. The service hours vary depending on the time of year, with extended hours available from October 1 to March 31.


Comparing CarePlus Medicare Advantage with Other Providers

Comparing CarePlus with other providers such as Humana and UnitedHealthcare could be beneficial during the evaluation process. Like CarePlus, some of these providers may also offer various types of Medicare Advantage plans, which may include HMO, PPO, and other options.

However, unlike CarePlus, which is focused on Florida, other provider’s plans’ availability and details may vary greatly depending on the region.

When comparing the potential plans, it’s important to consider the overall costs, which may include expenses like prescription drug coverage.

Some Medicare Advantage plans, possibly including those offered by CarePlus, UnitedHealthcare, and others, may provide benefits that could cover at least the same healthcare services as Original Medicare Part A and B, may often include additional services, that could potentially include an annual limit on out-of-pocket expenses.


Choosing the Right CarePlus Medicare Advantage Plan

Selecting the appropriate Medicare Advantage plan will likely necessitate careful consideration. With CarePlus, you may need to consider:

  • Potential costs


  • In-network providers


  • Prescription coverage


  • Dental/vision/hearing coverage


  • Extra benefits


Checking whether your preferred medical providers may participate in the plan’s network during the contract renewal process could be an essential step in choosing the right plan.



CarePlus will likely offer a range of Medicare Advantage plans that may be offered exclusively to Florida residents. Boasting in the possibility of affordable premiums, prescription drug coverage, and potential benefits, CarePlus may stand out as a provider committed to meeting diverse healthcare needs and budgets.

By considering these factors, you may make an informed decision about whether CarePlus is the right choice for your healthcare needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Did Humana buy CarePlus?

Yes, Humana owns CarePlus as a subsidiary, possibly serving around 140,000 Medicare members in Florida.


What is the most highly rated Medicare Advantage plan?

Humana currently has the best Medicare Advantage plans, based on strong ratings and affordability, potentially making it a top choice for many. AARP/UHC and Blue Cross Blue Shield may also stand out, but Humana’s combination of good coverage and potential low-cost plans will likely make it a leading option.


What types of Medicare Advantage plans could CarePlus offer?

CarePlus will likely offer a variety of Medicare Advantage plans, which may include HMO, HMO-POS, PPO, Special Needs Plans, and Coordinated Care plans. Choose the best fit for your needs.


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