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Key Takeaways

  • Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO integrates the federal Medicare program with Cigna’s global health services to provide comprehensive healthcare plans emphasizing preventive care, disease management, and an extensive network of over 1.5 million providers.


  • The plan offers a wide range of benefits including a $0 copay for covered preventive services, prescription medication discounts, wellness programs, and additional benefits like vision, dental, and in-home care, while ensuring the affordability of services through negotiated cost-sharing arrangements.


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Understanding Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO


Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO Understanding Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO


The Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO bridges the gap between Medicare – a federal program offering health coverage to individuals over 65 and certain disabled individuals, and Cigna – a renowned global health services organization. This alliance offers an array of healthcare plans that cater to different needs, providing the necessary coverage to help manage health conditions effectively.

This partnership offers an integrated approach to healthcare, where both organizations pool their resources to provide comprehensive health care plans. Emphasizing the importance of preventive care, wellness programs, and disease management, the Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO aims to enhance the health and well-being of its enrollees.


Plan Options and Coverage

Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO offers three main types of Medicare plans: HMO, PPO, and PFFS. Each plan type provides different levels of network flexibility and access to providers, allowing enrollees to choose a plan that best suits their needs.

Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO plans, supported by Cigna Health, encompass a variety of healthcare services such as hospital care, outpatient services, and prescription drug benefits.

These diverse options, offered by Cigna Healthcare, enable enrollees to receive the requisite care and support for effective health management.


In-Network Providers and Services

One of the strengths of the Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO is its vast network of over 1.5 million providers. This extensive network ensures that enrollees have a wide range of doctors, hospitals, and other health care professionals to choose from, thus providing the freedom to choose healthcare providers that best fit their needs and preferences.

Enrollees can maximize their benefits and minimize expenses by using in-network providers due to lower negotiated rates for services and lower copayments and coinsurance amounts.

The in-network providers of the Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO are selected for their quality of care, which includes meeting certain standards and participating in quality improvement activities.


Comprehensive Benefits Package


Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO Comprehensive Benefits Package


Through an HMO model, the Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO provides comprehensive health coverage, which includes prescription drug coverage offering medication discounts and multiple pharmacy options, tailored to meet diverse healthcare needs of the members.

Wellness programs, including covered wellness programs, are integral to Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO, offering preventive care services and health and wellness programs to support healthy lifestyles. As a member, you can also enjoy a range of additional benefits, including options for vision and dental coverage among other supportive services.


Prescription Drug Coverage


Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO Prescription Drug Coverage


The Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO plan, a comprehensive Medicare plan, delivers prescription drug coverage that assists members in saving on medication costs while ensuring access to necessary drugs. This coverage is organized into a tiered structure catering to different types of medications, providing a detailed framework for managing and accessing medication benefits.

Cigna Medicare may revise its covered drug list within the plan year, primarily through beneficial changes such as adding new medications or reducing restrictions. However, it maintains limited scope for mid-year changes that might negatively impact customers, who are notified in such cases.


Wellness Programs and Preventive Care

A variety of health and wellness programs such as health education, disease management, and the Silver&Fit® Healthy Aging and Exercise program for fitness are incorporated in the Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO. These programs aim to aid enrollees in maintaining their health and managing their conditions efficiently.

The plan fully covers preventive care services during the initial coverage phase, like:

  • vaccinations for common diseases
  • diabetes screenings
  • diabetes self-management training
  • heart disease management services such as cardiovascular screenings and behavioral therapy


These wellness programs and preventive services, including in-network covered Medicare preventive services, have a $0 copay, making them accessible to all enrollees.

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Additional Benefits and Services

Besides the comprehensive health and wellness programs, the Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO plan also provides a range of additional benefits to enrich the healthcare experience of its members. These benefits include a quarterly Over-the-Counter (OTC) benefit to help cover the costs of OTC medications and health and wellness products.

Preventive dental services are also included in the plan, which may also offer comprehensive coverage, including oral exams, cleanings, fillings, and extractions.

Members also have access to the following benefits:

  • Vision services, covering Medicare-covered eye exams and supplemental services for routine eye exams and eyewear
  • Support for caregivers, with no-cost services such as one-on-one coaching and consultation on caregiving and stress management
  • In-home care
  • Transportation services for health-related trips
  • Home-delivered meals benefit post-hospital or skilled nursing facility discharge
  • A hearing aid allowance

Cost and Affordability


Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO Cost and Affordability


Recognizing the financial strain healthcare can impose on seniors and disabled individuals, Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO prioritizes negotiations with providers to strike a balance between affordability and premium care.

Through these careful negotiations, the plan secures cost-sharing arrangements tailored to provide affordable access to a range of healthcare services for its members.

Furthermore, eligible individuals may receive a premium tax credit and reduced cost sharing during Special Enrollment Periods, easing the financial burden of monthly premiums and total out-of-pocket costs.

Special Enrollment Period eligibility can lead to both premium tax credits and reductions in out-of-pocket costs, making healthcare more affordable for qualified members.


Monthly Premiums and Deductibles

The total monthly premium for some Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO plans is $31.00, comprising a health plan premium of $6.10 and a drug plan premium of $24.90. Members are also required to pay their Medicare Part B premium along with the plan premium without any reduction.

Furthermore, the health plan deductibles are set at $0, with no annual deductible for the drug plan. This setup helps to ease the financial burden on enrollees.

Also, the annual out-of-pocket maximum for enrollees is capped at $8,850, not including prescription drugs. This cap ensures that the healthcare costs for enrollees do not skyrocket, providing financial security and peace of mind.

It is important to compare other health plan deductibles to make an informed decision.


Cost-Sharing Arrangements

Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO has implemented cost-sharing arrangements to ensure affordability of their services. For skilled nursing facility care, a daily copay of $10 applies for days 1-20, increasing to $203 per day for days 21-100.

This arrangement allows members to plan their finances accordingly and access resources like the nursing hotline for additional support.

Durable medical equipment and prosthetic devices also come with a 20% cost-sharing arrangement for members. This cost-sharing arrangement ensures that members get the equipment they need without incurring excessive costs.

Moreover, Home health care is provided at no additional cost to members under the Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO, further demonstrating the plan’s commitment to affordability.


Managing Health Conditions with Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO


Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO Managing Health Conditions with Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO


Specialized services and support for managing chronic conditions like heart disease are integral components of the Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO. It includes Heart Failure Disease Management programs aimed at enlightening members about their condition and imparting effective management techniques.

Alongside this, the Medication Therapy Management is offered to guide customers who are on multiple medications, enhancing their ability to manage their health conditions.

This focus on condition management provides the necessary tools and resources for members to maintain their health effectively, empowering them to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle.


Diabetes Management

Diabetes self-monitoring training, nutrition therapy, and supplies are included in the Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO plan, emphasizing the importance of education and self-care in diabetes management.

The plan ensures that individuals living with diabetes have access to the right information and resources to manage their condition effectively.

Moreover, diabetic supplies are covered with $0 cost to the enrollee. This eliminates the financial burden on members and ensures that they have the necessary supplies to manage their diabetes.

Diabetic therapeutic shoes or inserts, which are part of essential podiatry services, have a 20% cost-sharing arrangement, maintaining affordability while providing necessary care.


Heart Disease Management

Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO’s heart disease management programs focus on patient education, proper monitoring, and decision support to manage heart failure. These programs aim to decrease the chance of sudden flare-ups of symptoms, which are the most expensive part of heart failure treatment.

Disease management services can be delivered by case managers and program coordinators in the patient’s own home, aligning with the personal care approach of these programs.

This personalized approach ensures that members receive the care they need in a comfortable and familiar environment, thereby improving the effectiveness of the management program.


Star Ratings and Quality Measures

Cigna Medicare Advantage plans 2025 have member experience scores that are higher than average, demonstrating the plan’s commitment to providing a positive experience for its members. However, the star ratings from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for Cigna have declined and are considered below average for 2024.

Despite the lower star ratings, Cigna’s Quality Improvement Program includes a focus on preventive screenings and has set specific goals for various health metrics.

In 2020, Cigna aimed for 76% of their customers to receive an annual flu vaccine, and four markets achieved this goal. For breast cancer screening, Cigna set a goal of 69% for women to complete a mammogram, with ten markets surpassing this to reach a 77% completion rate.


Enrollment Process and Eligibility

The standard Open Enrollment Period for Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO typically spans from November 1 to December 15 of the preceding year. However, an extension beyond this standard timeframe may be granted in some states.

A Special Enrollment Period is available for individuals who have major life events, such as changes in family status or loss of other health coverage. It is important to check for the most current information due to possible changes in the Open Enrollment Period or Special Enrollment Period eligibility requirements.



In sum, the Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO offers comprehensive health coverage with a focus on preventive care, disease management, and affordability.

With its vast network of providers, specialized services, and support for managing chronic conditions, it presents an optimal choice for seniors and disabled individuals seeking reliable healthcare.

While navigating the world of healthcare plans can be complex, the Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO simplifies the process, ensuring you have the necessary coverage to manage your health effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Cigna Preferred Medicare HMO?

Cigna Preferred Medicare (HMO) entails a network of healthcare providers, including doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies. Using providers outside the network may result in non-coverage of services, and prescriptions for covered drugs are typically filled at network pharmacies.


Do Cigna Medicare HMO plans require a referral?

Cigna Medicare HMO plans generally require a referral from the primary care physician for specialty care, and services must be received from in-network providers. However, select service areas may not require a referral (Date not included).


Which of the following is true about Cigna Medicare HMO plans?

Yes, it’s true that Cigna Medicare HMO plans generally require members to select a primary care physician (PCP). This helps coordinate and manage their care effectively.


What types of plans does Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO offer?

Cigna Alliance Medicare HMO offers HMO, PPO, and PFFS plans, each with varying network flexibility and access to providers. Choose the one that best fits your needs.


What additional benefits does the plan offer?

The plan offers additional benefits including preventive dental services, vision services, caregiver support, and transportation services, among others. These benefits can provide valuable support for your health and well-being.

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