Emblem Medicare Advantage Plans 2025

Narrowing down your Medicare Advantage plan options for 2025? Discover the key features and updates to Emblem Medicare Advantage Plans 2025, including new rewards, crucial plan modifications, and financial protections.

This overview provides a snapshot of the expanded benefits, such as $0 copay options and specialized support, to help you evaluate if EmblemHealth aligns with your healthcare needs for the upcoming year.


Key Takeaways

  • EmblemHealth has discontinued the VIP Essential (HMO) plan for 2025, introducing enhanced Medicare Advantage plans with Member Rewards Program, comprehensive benefits, and pharmaceutical assistance to improve affordability and member experience.


  • The company emphasizes member-centric services by offering flexible Case/Care Management, personalized care for those with chronic conditions, and rewards for participating in healthy activities to promote proactive health management.


  • EmblemHealth provides financial protections for Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries (QMBs) by covering Medicare cost-shares and prohibiting balance billing, while also focusing on preventing fraud, waste, and abuse in healthcare services.

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Exploring EmblemHealth’s 2025 Medicare Advantage Offerings


Emblem Medicare Advantage Plans 2025 Exploring EmblemHealth's 2025 Medicare Advantage Offerings


EmblemHealth has built a reputation on constantly enhancing their services and streamlining Medicare and Medicaid payments. This dedication is evident in the modifications to their Medicare Advantage offerings for 2025.

Notably, the EmblemHealth VIP Essential (HMO) plan will not be available in 2025.

The 2025 EmblemHealth Medicare Advantage plans promise an enhanced member experience with the introduction of the EmblemHealth Member Rewards Program.

This program, coupled with supplementary benefits such as:

  • comprehensive dental


  • hearing aid allowance


  • eyewear allowance


  • SilverSneakers®


Our platform is designed with the members’ health survey results in mind, utilizing member usage history data to provide personalized insights as phone number members complete process.

Distinct from its competitors, EmblemHealth provides cost-effective, comprehensive, and member-oriented insurance coverage.

The 2025 Medicare Advantage plans include pharmaceutical prescription assistance programs, supporting members with their medication costs and making healthcare more affordable.


Member-Centric Health Services in EmblemHealth Plans


Emblem Medicare Advantage Plans 2025 Member-Centric Health Services in EmblemHealth Plans


EmblemHealth prioritizes its members’ needs when providing services. This includes a Case/Care Management program that offers members the flexibility to participate according to their preferences.

Furthermore, they provide personalized Care Management services at no charge, showcasing their dedication to offering tailored and adaptable health service offerings.

EmblemHealth’s care management programs are designed to provide tailored assistance and resources to help members manage and enhance their health. This is particularly beneficial for members with chronic or complex conditions.

EmblemHealth’s skilled clinical professionals utilize utilization management tools to oversee the care process across various services, ensuring that members receive suitable care corresponding to their individual health requirements.

Members engaged in EmblemHealth’s rewards programs can:

  • Accumulate rewards by indulging in healthy activities such as undergoing health assessments or getting flu shots


  • Access exclusive discounts on wellness products and services


  • Obtain covered over-the-counter items


These rewards programs promote a proactive and healthy lifestyle and encourage interested patients to participate.

Ensuring Adherence to Medication Therapy

Sticking to a prescribed medication regimen is vital for efficient healthcare. EmblemHealth encourages medication adherence by:

  • Highlighting the significance of following healthcare professionals’ instructions


  • Providing a Medication Therapy Management program that incorporates telephonic reviews, assisting members in understanding their medication regimens


  • Allowing members to access resources in various languages on the EmblemHealth website.


EmblemHealth’s Medicare Advantage plans offer $0 copays for a range of generic and specific brand-name formulary drugs.

This, along with distinct copay structures for non-formulary drugs, makes medication costs manageable for members. The usage history of members is used to optimize the drug formulary and ensure cost-effective medication options.

Express Scripts plays a crucial role in supporting EmblemHealth’s Medicare Advantage Plan members by:

  • Overseeing prescription management


  • Facilitating cost-effective solutions


  • Promoting medication adherence


  • Helping members easily refill their prescriptions by utilizing the refill order form provided with their mailed orders.



Financial Protections for Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries

EmblemHealth guarantees full coverage of Part A and Part B Medicare cost-shares for many qualified Medicare beneficiaries (QMBs) through their Medicaid plan. This financial protection alleviates the burden of healthcare costs for QMB members.

EmblemHealth has implemented a policy that provider contracts prohibit medicare balance billing for QMB members. This means that providers cannot bill QMB members for any expenses beyond what Medicare and Medicaid cover for services.

This policy safeguards QMB members from unexpected healthcare costs.

For dual eligible members, EmblemHealth offers additional financial aid, including low income subsidy, which may also encompass tax credits and other advantages.

This financial support can be an asset for dual eligible members, especially with the new plans and improved coverage options beginning in January 2025. Providers treating dual eligible members can help them navigate these benefits and make the most of their coverage.

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EmblemHealth’s Commitment to Preventing Fraud, Waste, and Abuse


Emblem Medicare Advantage Plans 2025 EmblemHealth's Commitment to Preventing Fraud, Waste, and Abuse


The prevention of healthcare fraud, waste, and abuse is a focal point for EmblemHealth. They collaborate with providers to ensure regulatory compliance, identify and rectify potentially improper and/or deceitful billings.

They emphasize the responsibility of all personnel within the organization in preventing fraud, waste, and abuse.

EmblemHealth provides its providers with the Required Medicare Training: Fraud, Waste & Abuse. This training is essential for maintaining the quality of services provided to Medicare members and ensuring a high standard of care.

Fraud, waste, and abuse can significantly impact EmblemHealth’s healthcare services. Deliberate submission of false or deceptive information in healthcare can result in substantial misallocation of funds, impacting patients and the overall quality of healthcare services provided by EmblemHealth.


Special Needs Plans (SNP) Member Engagement

EmblemHealth interacts with Special Needs Plan (SNP) members using multiple strategies. Some of these strategies include:

  • Conducting health surveys to evaluate and improve members’ access to clinical and administrative services


  • Monitoring the continuity and coordination of healthcare


  • Utilizing members’ health survey results in designing better care plans


These strategies, influenced by the Social Security Act, are aimed at ensuring that SNP members receive the best possible care and support.

EmblemHealth’s care management plans are a key tool for engaging SNP members. They enhance member satisfaction, promote primary care/preventive care visits, and decrease the utilization of acute care services.

This is achieved through concurrent review and case management by nurse case managers for SNP members who are hospitalized or receiving skilled nursing facility care.

EmblemHealth’s engagement strategies contribute significantly to enhancing care coordination and outcomes.

By implementing a comprehensive model of care, integrating all Medicare and Medicaid services, and promoting health outcomes through payer-member partnerships, EmblemHealth ensures a high standard of care for SNP members.

EmblemHealth’s Response to Regulatory Requirements

EmblemHealth complies with regulatory requirements, including the provision of Medicare Outpatient Observation Notice (MOON) for Medicare beneficiaries. This ensures that all hospitals and critical access hospitals utilize the latest version of the MOON, thereby ensuring compliance with regulations.

The Special Needs Plan (SNP) Model of Care (MOC) training is mandated by CMS and must be completed by SNPs and out-of-network providers who regularly interact with SNP members. This training ensures that providers are equipped to address the requirements of SNP enrollees and contribute to a high standard of care.

EmblemHealth monitors and enforces compliance with regulatory requirements through a range of measures, including:

  • Collecting complete ownership disclosures


  • Ensuring employee familiarity and compliance with legal requirements


  • Reviewing utilization management criteria, medical policies, and clinical practice guidelines annually


  • Recredentialing practitioners every three years in line with NCQA guidelines.



Navigating Plan Enrollment and Changes

Enrolling in EmblemHealth’s Medicare Advantage plans is a simple and straightforward process. Medicare beneficiaries can enroll by contacting the EmblemHealth helpline.

New plans with additional benefits and improved coverage options will be available for members beginning January 2025.

Typically, January 31st is the enrollment deadline for EmblemHealth’s 2025 Medicare Advantage plans. This falls within the Open Enrollment period, and it is crucial for plans members beginning Jan to be aware of this deadline to make any necessary changes to their plans.

Existing EmblemHealth members have the option to transition to an alternative Medicare Advantage plan or part. Notably, the EmblemHealth VIP Essential (HMO) plan will not be offered in 2025, which might prompt some members to consider changing their plans.

New offerings for 2025 include the EmblemHealth Member Rewards Program, $0 monthly premium plans, and no referrals required, among other benefits.


EmblemHealth’s 2025 Medicare Advantage offerings are designed to cater to the needs of their members.

The plans are member-centric, with a focus on care management, medication adherence, and financial protections.

EmblemHealth also ensures adherence to regulatory requirements, engages with Special Needs Plan members, and offers a straightforward enrollment process.

In conclusion, staying informed about your healthcare options is vital.

Understanding the benefits and provisions of your healthcare plan can help you make the most of it.

So, whether you’re an existing member considering a change in plan or someone exploring EmblemHealth’s Medicare Advantage offerings for the first time, remember that an informed decision is the best decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the proposed changes to Medicare in 2025?

In 2025, the proposed changes to Medicare include a standard Part B monthly premium of $174.70 and an annual deductible of $240 for most enrollees. Additionally, after paying the initial deductible, a person on Medicare will pay 25 percent of drug costs. They will have a cap of about $3,250 and will no longer pay five percent of drug costs in the catastrophic phase.


Does EmblemHealth work with Medicare?

Yes, EmblemHealth offers Medicare Advantage plans for individuals eligible for Medicare Parts A and B, providing comprehensive coverage and potential savings on out-of-pocket costs.


Is EmblemHealth only in NY?

Yes, EmblemHealth primarily serves New York City and the tristate area, but it is not exclusively limited to New York. They also cover individuals in the tristate area.


What is the deductible for Medicare Part B in 2025?

The deductible for Medicare Part B in 2025 is $240 for all beneficiaries, which represents an increase of $14 from the 2023 deductible.


What are the key changes in EmblemHealth’s 2025 Medicare Advantage offerings?

In 2025, EmblemHealth’s Medicare Advantage offerings will see the discontinuation of the VIP Essential (HMO) plan, with new offerings including the Member Rewards Program and additional benefits like comprehensive dental, hearing aid allowance, eyewear allowance, and a SilverSneakers® program.

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