HMSA Medicare Advantage Plans 2025

For those considering Medicare Advantage plans 2025, getting accurate and concise information is key. This article cuts through the complexity to bring you straightforward details on plan options, benefits, and how to enroll.

Expect an in-depth analysis of what HMSA Medicare Advantage Plans 2025 will offer, including any updates from the previous year. No-frills, just clear insights to guide you through your healthcare choices with HMSA.


Key Takeaways

  • HMSA Medicare Advantage Plans for 2025 offer a range of benefits, including $0 premium options, flexible out-of-pocket maximums, quality medical coverage, and value-added services like telehealth and supplemental benefits, catering to different budgetary and healthcare needs with a high-quality service rating.


  • Enrollment into HMSA Medicare Advantage Plans requires meeting eligibility criteria and can be done during the Annual Enrollment Period or Special Enrollment Periods, with the option for legal representatives to assist in the application process and a straightforward mechanism for plan activation upon approval.


  • HMSA provides a comprehensive approach to healthcare management with convenient online access to personal plan details, an extensive provider directory, international coverage through the Traveler/Visitor program, and support with prescription drugs including coverage information, mail-order services, and financial assistance programs.

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Understanding HMSA Medicare Advantage Plans 2025


HMSA Medicare Advantage Plans 2025 Understanding HMSA Medicare Advantage Plans 2025


When it comes to healthcare, the HMSA Medicare Advantage Plans offer a variety of benefits:

  • Flexible out-of-pocket maximums ranging from $3,850 to $6,700


  • $0 monthly premium option


  • Coverage for medical expenses


  • Value-added services like telehealth, the Silver&Fit Healthy Aging and Exercise Program, and supplemental vision benefits


These plans are designed to be as flexible as your needs and budget require, enhancing your live healthcare experience, whether you’re ready to retire or not.

Moreover, the focus of these plans is not merely on offering services but on delivering high-quality services. With a rating of 4 out of 5 stars, HMSA Medicare Advantage Plans are recognized for their quality and performance. It’s no wonder that many are turning to HMSA for their healthcare needs.


HMSA Akamai Advantage Dual Care PPO SNP

The HMSA Akamai Advantage Dual Care PPO SNP exemplifies comprehensive healthcare coverage. This Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan is designed specifically for individuals who are eligible for both Medicare and full Medicaid benefits through QUEST Integration.

Key features of this plan include:

  • No monthly premium (although you’re required to continue paying the Medicare Part B premium unless it’s covered by Medicaid or another third party)


  • Prescription drug coverage


  • Access to a network of doctors and hospitals


  • Additional benefits such as dental, vision, and hearing coverage


If you’re eligible for both Medicare and full Medicaid benefits, the HMSA Akamai Advantage Dual Care PPO SNP may be a great option for you.

This plan offers extensive coverage for healthcare services, including:

  • Inpatient hospital care


  • Skilled nursing facility care


  • Primary and specialty care provider office visits


  • Preventive services


And the cherry on top? You get health coordinators who are there to assist you, providing additional support for navigating the healthcare system.


HMSA Akamai Advantage Complete Plus (PPO)

The HMSA Akamai Advantage Complete Plus (PPO) plan prioritizes providing you with choices. With a broad network of healthcare providers, you have the freedom to choose from a wide array of doctors, pharmacies, and other healthcare services within the PPO network.

Having a broad provider network allows you to choose from more healthcare options and potentially receive more convenient and local care.

Should you require further information or details on enrollment, you can reach out to the HMSA team anytime. You can contact HMSA directly for assistance or reference Section 2.0 Enrollment Process for HMSA Medicare Advantage Plans in this blog post.


Enrollment Process for HMSA Medicare Advantage Plans


HMSA Medicare Advantage Plans 2025 Enrollment Process for HMSA Medicare Advantage Plans


Enrolling in your desired HMSA Medicare Advantage Plan is straightforward. You’ll need to complete an application form accurately and legibly to prevent processing delays. Once you’ve completed the application, you can mail it to HMSA Medicare Advantage Sales in Honolulu or fax it to the specified number for processing.

After CMS has received and approved your application, your plan will begin on the first day of the following month. Just remember not to include any payment with your application as it must be submitted without payment.

But what if you can’t sign the application? No worries! A legal representative may sign on your behalf, and they must provide their:

  • Name


  • Mailing address


  • Telephone number


  • Relationship to you


Eligibility Criteria

Before you enroll, you need to make sure you meet the eligibility criteria. To be eligible for enrollment in HMSA Akamai Advantage, you must be a citizen or lawful resident of the United States, reside in the plan’s service area, and be enrolled in both Medicare Part A and Part B.


Enrollment Periods

The annual enrollment period for Medicare Advantage plans is from October 15 to Dec 7, 2023. If you enroll during this period, your coverage for HMSA Medicare Advantage plans will start on January 1, 2025.

But what if you’re new to Medicare or qualify for a special enrollment period? You can apply for HMSA Medicare Advantage plans before October 15.

HMSA accepts Medicare Advantage plan applications during the annual Open Enrollment Period or any time throughout the year for eligible individuals under a Special Enrollment Period (SEP). So, you have multiple opportunities to join the HMSA community and start enjoying your healthcare benefits.

Navigating Your HMSA Medicare Advantage Plan Benefits


HMSA Medicare Advantage Plans 2025 Navigating Your HMSA Medicare Advantage Plan Benefits


Learning how to navigate your plan benefits effectively is key to maximizing your HMSA Medicare Advantage plan. The plans offer a range of benefits tailored to your healthcare needs including preventive services, hospital care, and prescription drugs.

You can manage these benefits conveniently through ‘My Account’ on by registering for an online account.

Another useful tool at your disposal is the provider directory on Using this, you can easily find and choose from in-network healthcare providers to ensure your care is covered by the plan. And if you’re a globetrotter, there’s good news.

The Traveler/Visitor program ensures your healthcare coverage follows you when traveling outside of Hawaii, safeguarding you from unexpected health issues while away from home.


My Account: Online Access to Plan Information

‘My Account’ puts the management of your healthcare plan at your fingertips. Once you register for My Account, you can access personal health plan information, claims, and coverage details anytime, anywhere. This means you can keep track of your healthcare plan at your convenience, making managing your plan benefits a breeze.

Moreover, you can manage your prescription drugs using the Caremark mobile app or through My Account on the HMSA website. So, whether it’s checking your coverage or managing your prescriptions, it’s all under your control with ‘My Account’.


Provider Directory and Network

Identifying the appropriate healthcare provider plays a vital role in managing your health. With the Provider Directory, you can easily locate in-network healthcare providers. You can access this directory through HMSA’s online portal or customer service outlets.

The directory allows you to search by various criteria including medical specialty and geographic location. This means you can find the right healthcare provider that aligns with your specific healthcare requirements. So, whether you need a specialist in neurology or a local family doctor, the Provider Directory is your go-to resource.


Traveler/Visitor Program

While traveling is thrilling, unforeseen health issues can cause inconvenience. Not to worry, with the Visitor/Traveler Program, you can be assured that your health care coverage travels with you.

Whether you’re traveling within the United States or venturing abroad, you can find preferred or participating providers to receive medical care during your visit.

For international travel, you can continue to access your health plan benefits and have the option to locate a participating BlueCard Worldwide Provider. So, whether you’re exploring the Grand Canyon with Jan or the Great Wall of China, your health coverage is with you every step of the way.

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Managing Prescription Drugs with HMSA Medicare Advantage Plans


HMSA Medicare Advantage Plans 2025 Managing Prescription Drugs with HMSA Medicare Advantage Plans


Efficiently managing your prescription drugs is a significant part of your healthcare journey. HMSA Medicare Advantage plans include different tiers for prescription drug coverage, with co-payments varying based on whether medications are obtained through retail or mail-order pharmacies during the initial coverage stage.

After surpassing the initial coverage limit, you enter the catastrophic coverage stage, which provides additional coverage for prescription drugs.

Coverage determinations by HMSA are crucial decisions about whether a Part D drug will be provided or paid for, and they may involve making exceptions to the usual formulary list. So, it’s not just about getting your medications, it’s about making sure you’re getting the most appropriate and cost-effective medications.


Formulary and Drug Search Tools

With the comprehensive formulary that lists all drugs covered by the plan, you can easily find your prescribed medications. But did you know you could also find cost-saving alternatives?

Generic drugs contain the same active ingredients as brand-name drugs, offering potential cost savings while providing the same therapeutic benefits.

These generic alternatives are introduced after the patent for the brand-name drug expires, usually after 20 years. So, by choosing available generic alternatives, you can take advantage of the cost savings while receiving the same therapeutic benefits as the brand-name medications. It’s all about getting the best value for your money.


Mail-order Prescription Service

Getting your medications is now as simple as checking your mail. With the CVS Caremark mail-order prescription service, you can have your medications delivered directly to your home. This service is specifically designed for the delivery of maintenance medications that are used for the treatment of chronic conditions.

So, if you’re managing a chronic condition, this service is a convenient option for you. No more trips to the pharmacy. Just order your medications and have them delivered straight to your doorstep.


Prior Authorization and Step Therapy

Sometimes, obtaining certain prescription drugs may require prior authorization. This process ensures that you receive the most appropriate and cost-effective medications. There’s also the Step Therapy measure where you may need to try one or more preferred drug alternatives to determine effectiveness before being approved for a non-preferred drug.

But don’t worry, if you’re already undergoing treatment, Step Therapy protocols maintain continuity of care by not requiring a switch to preferred drug alternatives. So, these provisions for prior authorization and step therapy ensure appropriate medication use, keeping your health as the top priority.


Financial Assistance for HMSA Medicare Advantage Plan Members


HMSA Medicare Advantage Plans 2025 Financial Assistance for HMSA Medicare Advantage Plan Members


While healthcare costs may be worrisome, HMSA Medicare Advantage plan members can avail of financial assistance programs like Extra Help and the Low-Income Subsidy. Members who qualify for Extra Help may receive assistance with monthly premiums, annual deductibles, and prescription drug copayments.

These financial assistance programs are here to ensure that your healthcare needs don’t take a toll on your finances. All you need to do is submit your applications for financial assistance to the Social Security Administration either online or at a local office.


Low-Income Subsidy Program

The Low-Income Subsidy, also known as the Extra Help program, is a federal program designed to support eligible Medicare beneficiaries with their medication expenses. This program assists in reducing out-of-pocket costs by helping pay for prescription drugs and lowering monthly plan premiums for those who qualify.

Eligibility for the Low-Income Subsidy is determined by income and assets, with considerations for higher income and resource limits specific to residents of Hawaii.

Once Medicare notifies HMSA that you’re eligible for the Low-Income Subsidy, the subsidy is applied to your plan, effectively reducing your prescription drug copayments and monthly premiums.


Extra Help

The Extra Help program comes to the rescue of eligible individuals to assist with Medicare Part D prescription drug plan costs, such as premiums, deductibles, and copayments, potentially offering about $5,000 per year in support.

Eligibility for Extra Help requires you to receive Medicare, have limited resources and income from sources such as wages and benefits, and reside in one of the 50 states or the District of Columbia, excluding the value of a primary residence if lived in.

To avail of Extra Help, you can apply via the Social Security Administration website, by phone, or by visiting a local Social Security office. So, don’t let financial constraints hinder your healthcare journey. Take advantage of the Extra Help program and ease your healthcare costs.

Grievances, Appeals, and Coverage Determinations

Should you have any complaints or concerns about your medical care or service, you have the option to file a grievance. Grievances can be filed either orally or in writing, and HMSA is required to address the grievance as quickly as your health condition necessitates.

Additionally, if you disagree with an initial decision regarding your medical benefits made by HMSA, you have the right to file an appeal. Both you and your providers are entitled to file an appeal if you do not agree with a coverage determination decision made by HMSA.

So, you have the freedom to voice your concerns and the assurance that your grievances will be addressed promptly.


Medical Benefits: Organization Determinations and Appeals

As a provider, you have the opportunity to request a review of a claim decision from HMSA’s Provider Correspondence within 60 days of the original decision and engage in a discussion with an HMSA medical director if the issue necessitates a medical or clinical review.

HMSA’s appeal process includes a standard procedure typically completed within 30 days and an expedited process for urgent situations completed within 72 hours.

After reviewing an appeal, HMSA notifies you of the decision within 60 days, and if the appeal is successful, payment is made within 30 days of the decision notice. If an appeal decision is unfavorable, you have the option to request arbitration within 60 calendar days, which is final and binding.


Prescription Drugs: Coverage Determinations and Appeals

Coverage determination refers to HMSA’s preliminary decision on whether a Part D prescription drug is covered, if an exception request is permissible, or if a drug tier can be reduced.

You, your prescriber, or an authorized representative can request this. When requesting a coverage determination, the form must include:

  • Your personal information


  • The drug name


  • Type of request


  • Indication for a fast decision if needed


  • Signed by the requester with the prescribing physician’s name and contact details.


Prescribers must provide supporting information such as medical diagnosis and rationale for the requested prescription drug when filing for coverage determination. If coverage determination for a prescription drug is denied, an appeal or redetermination can be filed within 60 days, and HMSA provides both standard and expedited processes to address the appeal.

You can appoint a representative or have your prescriber or pharmacist initiate or assist with the coverage determination and appeals process on your behalf.



So, there you have it! A comprehensive guide to the 2025 HMSA Medicare Advantage Plans. From understanding the different plans and their benefits, navigating the enrollment process, managing your plan benefits and prescription drugs, availing of financial assistance programs, and addressing grievances and appeals – we’ve covered it all.

Remember, these plans are designed with your healthcare needs in mind, providing comprehensive coverage, value-added services, and financial assistance programs to ensure that you get the most out of your healthcare journey.

The road to a healthier you begins with choosing the right plan. With HMSA Medicare Advantage Plans, you have the freedom to choose a plan that fits your healthcare needs and budget. So, take the leap, enroll in the HMSA Medicare Advantage Plan, and embark on a healthcare journey that is as unique as you.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Does Hawaii have Medicare Advantage plans?

Yes, Hawaii does have Medicare Advantage plans, with over 53% of Medicare beneficiaries in the state opting for this coverage option. There are between 10 to 20 Medicare Advantage plans available in Hawaii, depending on the county.


Is HMSA the same as Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Yes, HMSA is a member of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. Therefore, HMSA is affiliated with Blue Cross Blue Shield.


What is included in the HMSA Medicare Advantage Plans 2025?

The HMSA Medicare Advantage Plans 2025 include outpatient hospital, primary care, and specialty care services, comprehensive dental services, vision benefits, telehealth, the Silver&Fit Healthy Aging and Exercise Program, and supplemental vision benefits.


How do I enroll in HMSA Medicare Advantage Plans?

To enroll in HMSA Medicare Advantage Plans, complete an application form and submit it to HMSA Medicare Advantage Sales for processing, ensuring accuracy and legibility to avoid delays.


How can I manage my prescription drugs with HMSA Medicare Advantage Plans?

You can manage your prescription drugs with HMSA Medicare Advantage Plans by using the Caremark mobile app or ‘My Account’ on the HMSA website and utilizing the Formulary and Drug Search Tools to find covered drugs and cost-saving alternatives.

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