IBX Medicare Advantage Plans 2025

Choosing the right Medicare Advantage plan for 2025 will likely be about finding the best fit for your health needs and budget. In 2025, IBX Medicare Advantage plans could potentially offer enhanced coverage and value. 

This article outlines some potential benefits – from prescription drug costs to expanded wellness programs—and how they may impact you. Without revealing too much upfront, we’ll guide you through the selection process for an IBX Medicare Advantage plan 2025 that may align with your healthcare priorities.


Key Takeaways

  • IBX Medicare Advantage plans for 2025 will likely focus on wellness, potentially offering enhanced benefits such as increased allowances for dental, vision, and hearing, and possibly reduced premiums.


  • Members can choose from Keystone 65 HMO for affordable in-network care without needing referrals, or Personal Choice 65 PPO for greater flexibility, allowing access to any doctor or hospital regardless of network status.


  • Some of the plans might enhance support for overall health by potentially offering no additional cost, potential benefits for dental, vision, and hearing, comprehensive preventive screenings and services, fitness memberships, telemedicine options, and rewards for healthy habits.


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Embracing Wellness with IBX Medicare Advantage


IBX Medicare Advantage Plans 2025 Embracing Wellness with IBX Medicare Advantage


With a mission to support a healthy life, IBX will likely design comprehensive wellness initiatives that may provide the necessary tools for you to manage your health effectively.

The potential benefits of certain IBX 2025 Medicare Advantage plans, including the Medicare Advantage Plan, could be a testament to this commitment. With the potential Medicare supplement plans in mind, the plans could include:

  • Increased allowances for dental, vision, and hearing


  • Reduced premiums


  • Preventive services that might support ongoing health monitoring and may include counseling as well as educational resources.


Navigating the Network

The backbone of any health plan lies in its network of healthcare providers and facilities. With IBX Medicare Advantage plans you will likely be assured of a comprehensive network, ensuring you could potentially have access to a wide range of services. With the convenience of the Online Provider Finder tool, you may be able to quickly locate in-network doctors, hospitals, and healthcare centers.


Keystone 65 HMO Explained

The Keystone 65 HMO plan offers:

  • Affordable, in-network care


  • No need for referrals or deductibles


  • Comprehensive care with an in-network primary care physician (PCP)


Envision stepping into your PCP’s office, free from concerns about the copay. Yes, that’s possible with the Keystone 65 HMO plan.

These additional benefits enhance the plan’s value and ensure you have access to necessary services.


The Flexibility of Personal Choice 65 PPO

The Personal Choice 65 PPO is the ideal choice for those seeking flexibility. This plan offers the freedom to choose any doctor or hospital, regardless of whether they’re in or out of the network.

Members also receive a quarterly allowance to spend on approved over-the-counter items at major retailers and online.


Potentially Enhanced Dental, Vision, and Hearing Benefits


IBX Medicare Advantage Plans 2025 Enhanced Dental, Vision, and Hearing Benefits


What may set the IBX Medicare Advantage plans apart could be the potential inclusion of dental, vision, and hearing benefits that may come with no additional premium. These potential benefits will likely play a key role in supporting overall health, possibly aiding in early detection and management of health problems, preventing falls, and dementia risks.

Some of the potential dental benefits may include cleanings every six months, a dental allowance for additional services, and the Adult Dental Premier plan, which may provide coverage that doesn’t reduce the annual maximum for preventive services.

Routine vision benefits will likely cover frame allowances and possible bonus allowances at certain Visionworks locations, all may be accessible through the national Davis Vision network. The possible hearing benefits will likely include coverage for hearing aids

The DVH flex benefit could potentially include an annual allowance for certain services and supplies, which may include unlimited hearing aid fitting. Members could find out more in the Evidence of Coverage or the dental/vision/hearing guides provided by Keystone 65 HMO and Personal Choice PPO.


Selecting a Primary Care Physician

The selection of a primary care physician is a crucial component in the management of your overall healthcare. Your PCP will likely serve as the first point of contact for your healthcare needs and may coordinate your overall care.

For Keystone 65 HMO members, choosing an in-network PCP could eliminate the need for referrals to see specialists. While not required, Personal Choice 65 PPO members can also choose a PCP to facilitate better coordination of care, with the added flexibility of not needing referrals for specialists.

You can select your primary care physician online through ibx.com or seek help in the process by contacting the IBX Member Help Team. Choosing an in-network PCP results in lower costs as compared to selecting an out-of-network provider for Personal Choice 65 PPO members.

The Primary Care Journey flyer provides educational material to guide members on beginning their care journey with their chosen primary care physician.


Patina’s Comprehensive Care

Patina’s primary care services, designed specifically for seniors, could potentially provide comprehensive care at their location, which may come with no additional charges beyond the standard primary care copay.

Included in Patina’s care will likely be a detailed personal health visit, which might encompass a physical exam, a review of the member’s health history, and a discussion of any present health concerns, and will likely ensure the results are communicated with the member’s regular physician.

Patina could potentially provide an additional support layer by potentially referring members to Independence Social Workers, which could help them engage with necessary community resources and support their health maintenance as well as their independent family needs.

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Potential Preventive Screening Coverage


IBX Medicare Advantage Plans 2025 Preventive Screenings Coverage


Health management will likely heavily rely on preventive screenings and services. Some of the IBX Medicare Advantage plans may cover many preventive services and screenings, which may include:

  • Exams


  • Shots


  • Lab tests


  • Screenings to detect health problems early and prevent diseases


These potential preventive care services could help individuals avoid developing health problems and might prevent minor health issues from becoming serious conditions.

It’s important to note that if a service is not considered preventive or an individual does not meet the coverage guidelines, possible costs such as copays, coinsurance, or deductibles may be incurred.


Maximizing Potential Savings with the IBX Care Card


IBX Medicare Advantage Plans 2025 Maximizing Savings with the IBX Care Card


The IBX Care Card will likely be a new feature for 2025, possibly offering convenient access to certain over-the-counter benefits and may include dental, vision, and hearing flex benefits.

Members of Keystone 65 HMO and Personal Choice 65 PPO plans could receive a quarterly allowance on their IBX Care Card for approved over-the-counter health and wellness items, which may be used at participating retailers and online.

Before you start reaping the potential benefits, the IBX Care Card must be activated at OTCNetwork.com or via phone. Additionally, some of the enhanced online features that could aid in managing the card and its transaction history could be available, and security is ensured by not printing names on the card.


Potential Health Incentives with Personal Visits

IBX could potentially offer personal health visits that may come with no extra cost to members, possibly serving as an innovative approach that could enhance overall health. These visits will likely be conducted by ComplexCare Solutions and could take place in person or virtually.

Each personal health visit may last between 45 minutes to one hour and may be designed to support members’ health. However, these visits are not meant to replace regular appointments with primary care physicians.


Keeping Informed with Update Magazine

Update magazine, a health and wellness-focused publication, could potentially be delivered to IBX members three times a year. The magazine could include a variety of content such as health tips, possible updates on Medicare, and may include wellness advice specifically tailored to seniors.

Moreover, you might also find nutritious and easy-to-prepare recipes within the Update magazine, possibly catered to your dietary needs. This magazine will likely serve as an educational tool that could help keep members informed about health topics, possibly providing them with valuable knowledge to manage their well-being.


Support from Health Professionals

Access to Registered Nurse Health Coaches could be a distinguishing feature of the IBX Medicare Advantage plans. Members will likely have 24/7/365 access to speak with these professionals for possible support in:

  • setting, achieving, and maintaining health goals


  • receiving education regarding their diagnoses


  • learning self-care skills


  • making lifestyle choices that could actively manage their health and reduce risks


Some Registered Nurse Health Coaches may provide valuable assistance to members in managing their health.

Health Coaches may also prepare members for discussions during their doctors’ visits and could potentially equip them with evidence-based information for making important health decisions. For everyday health concerns, IBX members can utilize the accessibility of these services by calling 1-800-ASK-BLUE to speak with a Health Coach.


Lifelong Learning with One Day University

IBX Medicare Advantage plans could champion the principle of lifelong learning. They will likely provide members with free, unlimited access to educational classes through One Day University. With a wide range of possible topics available, One Day University classes may cater to the varied interests of IBX members and may be accessed virtually for added convenience.

IBX members may be able to access these educational opportunities by creating a free account on onedayu.com/IBX. One Day University could be a part of Independence’s comprehensive approach to potential health benefits, and possibly in addressing physical, mental, social, and financial health aspects.


Potential Extensive Traveler Coverage

Personal Choice 65 members may take advantage of the potential benefits that may be provided by Independence Blue Cross:

  • Extended stays up that could last up to 12 months within the shared service area of Blue Cross/Blue Shield, catering to visitors and travelers. This may allow for greater flexibility in their choice of locations for longer stays.


  • The traveler network will likely extend to 48 states and Puerto Rico, potentially providing Personal Choice 65 members with access to the largest choice of doctors and hospitals.


  • Members using the potential visitor/traveler benefit may be able to enjoy the same cost-sharing amounts as they would if they received services from in-network providers at home.


The availability of the IBX Medicare Advantage traveler network in certain states and territories may be subject to change, with current participating territories including Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia, except Alaska and Wyoming.



The IBX Medicare Advantage plans will likely offer a comprehensive approach to healthcare, with a focus on potential preventive services, wellness initiatives, and possible enhanced benefits. With a wide network of providers and flexibility in choosing doctors, these plans will likely be designed to cater to individual healthcare needs.

Some of the potential benefits could include dental, vision, and hearing coverage, and support from Registered Nurse Health Coaches, which could serve to further enhance the value of these plans. With the various potential benefits and resources available, IBX Medicare Advantage plans are committed to empowering members to lead a healthier lifestyle.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What potential changes may be coming to Medicare Advantage in 2023?

In 2023, changes to Medicare Advantage included the elimination of cost-sharing requirements for adult vaccines recommended by the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and a decrease in deductibles for Medicare Advantage and Part D plans. These changes could aim to improve access and affordability for Medicare beneficiaries.


What are 4 types of Medicare Advantage plans?

The four types of Medicare Advantage plans are Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Plan, Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plan, Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS) Plan, and Special Needs Plan (SNP). These are the most common types of MA plans available.


What are some of the preventive services covered by IBX Medicare Advantage plans?

Some IBX Medicare Advantage plans in 2025 may cover a wide range of potential preventive services and screenings, which could include such as exams, shots, lab tests, and screenings that may detect health problems early and prevent diseases. These possible services will likely be aimed at promoting proactive healthcare and wellness.


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