Network Health Medicare Advantage Plans 2025

Evaluating your Medicare options for 2025? Get the definitive rundown on Network Health Medicare Advantage Plans here, specifically focusing on Network Health Medicare Advantage Plans 2025.

This straightforward guide targets your pressing questions: from cost changes to expanded services and tech advancements, earmark your healthcare planning with critical insights on the 2025 updates right away.


Key Takeaways

  • Network Health’s Medicare Advantage Plans for 2025 include Part B premium reductions, expanded supplemental benefits with a ‘Pick Your Perks’ program and advancements in telehealth accessing MDLIVE services.


  • The plans offer tailored dental and vision care, including dental exams, cleanings, x-rays, and annual vision exams at no cost, with varying eyewear allowances at EyeMed providers.


  • Behavioral health support services are provided covering a broad spectrum of needs, with consistent copayments for both in-network and out-of-network providers, including substance abuse and outpatient therapy.

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Understanding Network Health’s Medicare Advantage Plans for 2025


Network Health Medicare Advantage Plans 2025 Understanding Network Health's Medicare Advantage Plans for 2025


Network Health’s Medicare Advantage Plans stand apart as a testament to healthcare innovation, offering more than just an additional health insurance option. The meticulously crafted annual quality work plan details progress towards achieving set goals, underscoring the relentless commitment to advancing healthcare services quality through the Medicare Advantage Program.

The Quality Improvement Committee, a dedicated team with well-defined roles and structures, oversees this progress. Their regular meetings help transform the goal of quality improvement into a reality.


Part B Premium Reductions

Can you picture the feeling of getting a raise on your Social Security check? It would be a welcome addition to your income. With Network Health’s Medicare Advantage Plan, that’s a possibility! Eligibility requires active enrollment in traditional Medicare Parts A and B, self-payment of the Medicare Part B premium, and residence in a service area where the giveback is available.

The $25 Part B premium giveback is processed through the Social Security Administration, manifesting as an increase in Social Security payments or a credit on the enrollee’s Part B premium statement, starting within 90 days.


Expanded Supplemental Benefits

Network Health’s ‘Pick Your Perks’ program, designed to cover a wide array of supplemental benefits, underscores the paramount importance of your health. The program offers the following benefits:

  • Dental services


  • Acupuncture


  • Personal training


  • Meals


The program reimburses eligible costs, ensuring you get the best care possible. Reimbursements are capped at varying levels depending on the plan, fostering a fair and balanced approach.

What’s more? Starting in 2025, Medicare Advantage Plans, including Network Health, will provide a ‘Mid-Year Enrollee Notification of Unused Supplemental Benefits’ to inform Medicare Advantage Plan enrollees, who are also Medicare beneficiaries, about any supplemental benefits they haven’t yet used.


Telehealth Advancements

Network Health leads the digital revolution, spurred by the post-pandemic uptick in telehealth use. Through the member portal, SMS, mobile app, or by phone, you can access MDLIVE services for various conditions, including allergies, cold and flu, and ear problems.

Additionally, Inovalon’s Virtual Care software integrates essential functions like eligibility verification, claims, and patient payments, enhancing home-based healthcare.


Tailored Dental and Vision Care Offerings


Network Health Medicare Advantage Plans 2025 Tailored Dental and Vision Care Offerings


Network Health Medicare Advantage plans provide tailored dental and vision care, embodying a holistic approach to health. With two routine dental exams, two cleanings, and one bitewing x-ray every year, Network Health emphasizes the importance of preventive dental care.

Additionally, an annual vision exam at no cost ensures regular eye health checks, making eye care accessible for all beneficiaries.


Enhanced Dental Services

In partnership with Delta Dental® Medicare Advantage, Network Health provides 100% coverage for preventive dental services and 50% for comprehensive services in-network, with a combined annual maximum benefit.

This arrangement promotes overall oral health by providing dually eligible enrollees access to both preventive and comprehensive dental care services.


Vision Health Priorities

Vision health is a priority for Network Health. An annual vision exam at no additional cost encourages early detection of potential health conditions, emphasizing the importance of regular eye checks. Depending on your specific plan, you can receive eyewear allowances ranging from $200 to $400 for use at EyeMed providers, ensuring you have the vision aid you need.

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Behavioral Health Support and Services


Network Health Medicare Advantage Plans 2025 Behavioral Health Support and Services


Network Health acknowledges the integral role mental health plays in overall well being. That’s why it is committed to improving access to behavioral health care, ensuring you get the care you need, when you need it, for your health or overall function.

Whether you need a therapist, counselor, or behavioral health counseling specialist, Network Health has got you covered.


Access to Behavioral Health Providers

Network Health’s plan grants you access to a broad spectrum of behavioral health providers, including community mental health centers. From family practice and internal medicine to pediatrics offering mental health services, you have a plethora of options to choose from.

Network Health also provides coverage for opioid treatment services, substance abuse services, and Medicaid services, including outpatient behavioral health therapy, with a consistent copayment structure, addressing the pressing issue of substance abuse and prescription drug misuse. Our addiction medicine physicians ensure the highest quality of care for our patients.


Specialty Coverage

Network Health acknowledges the equal importance of mental and physical health. That’s why it covers outpatient mental health services, including individual or group therapy, with a copayment of $40 for in-network and $50 for out-of-network providers. This ensures you get the support you need without worrying about the cost.


Hearing Health Benefits


Network Health Medicare Advantage Plans 2025 Hearing Health Benefits


As part of their hearing benefits, Network Health, in partnership with TruHearing, offers members an annual routine hearing exam. TruHearing provides members with access to fitting services and comprehensive follow-up care, promoting adequate hearing aid use and maintenance.

Moreover, a $40 reimbursement is available for members who choose to get their hearing exam from an out-of-network provider after submitting the necessary forms, ensuring you get the care you deserve, regardless of the provider you choose.


Fitness and Wellness Incentives


Network Health Medicare Advantage Plans 2025 Fitness and Wellness Incentives


Network Health’s Medicare Advantage Plans make staying fit and well easier. From gym memberships and personal training to a $50 reward for completing an annual health risk assessment, Network Health has got you covered. And that’s not all!

The plan, which is one of the many prescription drug plans available, includes a $75 quarterly over-the-counter benefit, adding value and supplementary support for healthcare expenses.


SilverSneakers Partnership

SilverSneakers, a fitness program included in many Medicare Advantage and Medigap plans, provides a free fitness membership for adults aged 65 and over. With access to approximately 14,000 locations nationwide, you can enjoy fitness equipment, social events, and exercise classes such as boot camp, yoga, and water aerobics.

Special Provisions for Dually Eligible Enrollees

For those who are dually eligible, Network Health has special provisions. From a $0 monthly premium to reduced cost-sharing for primary care and specialist visits, Network Health ensures you get the best of both worlds.

Additional benefits like transportation for dialysis treatments and specific dietary support for certain chronic conditions are also provided, making sure you have everything you need.


Innovations in At-Home Care Services

The future of healthcare has arrived, and it is home-based. With $29.1 billion invested in the digital health market in 2021, the shift towards home-based care services is clear. Inovalon plays a significant role in this shift by offering myABILITY Portal to increase staff efficiency and streamline patient care from intake to payment.


Navigating the Coverage Landscape

Network Health simplifies the process of understanding your crucial coverage. With a clear list of covered services, including copayments or coinsurance, and an annual out-of-pocket limit, Network Health ensures you are aware of your financial responsibilities and protections.

In addition, if you ever disagree with a decision about your healthcare, you have the right to appeal within 60 days, and Network Health has a comprehensive process in place to review your concerns.

Annual Health Equity Analysis Commitment

Network Health remains committed to providing equitable access to services. To achieve this goal, an annual health equity analysis of their utilization management policies is conducted, considering a range of determinants including environmental, social, and economic factors.

The results of this analysis are made public, ensuring transparency and accountability.


Adapting to Regulatory Changes

Adherence to regulations forms the cornerstone of Network Health’s operations. Adapting to the proposed CMS regulations for the 2025 Medicare Advantage plans, Network Health is enhancing beneficiary protections and ensuring sustainable, high-quality, and integrated healthcare services.

From quicker substitution of biosimilars to standardized RADV appeals processes, Network Health is proactively making changes to meet regulatory requirements.



From comprehensive coverage to innovative services, Network Health’s Medicare Advantage Plans for 2025 have it all. With a focus on quality, accessibility, and equity, these plans are set to redefine the healthcare landscape. Whether you’re seeking routine check-ups, specialized services, or telehealth consultations, Network Health has got you covered. And with tailored benefits, fitness incentives, and special provisions for dually eligible enrollees, your health and well-being are in good hands.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the projected Medicare Advantage enrollment in 2025?

The projected Medicare Advantage enrollment in 2025 is expected to account for over half of total Medicare enrollment, with 35.4 million beneficiaries, up from 21.3 million in 2018.


What is the Medicare Advantage Commission for 2025?

The Medicare Advantage Commission for 2025 is set at a uniform compensation rate of $642 for all Medicare Advantage enrollments, replacing the previous cap of $611 and existing variable compensation structures. This change is planned by CMS to take effect in 2025.


What are the changes for Medicare in 2025?

In 2025, Medicare will introduce changes such as lowering the out-of-pocket cap to $2,000 and removing cost sharing for certain adult vaccines and enrollees within a catastrophic range, along with other adjustments to drug costs and plan expenses. These changes aim to improve coverage and reduce the financial burden for enrollees.


What is the CMS rule for 2025?

The CMS rule for 2025 proposes a fast-track appeals process for non-hospital services, addresses inappropriate marketing practices, and promotes health equity, among other measures. It also involves blending risk scores from updated and previous years’ models.


Who qualifies for the Part B premium giveback?

Enrollees who are actively enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B, responsible for paying their own premiums, and reside in a service area where the giveback is offered can avail of the Part B premium giveback.

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