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Key Takeaways

  • Wellcare TexanPlus 2025 is a Medicare Advantage plan designed to reduce healthcare costs through enhanced benefits, such as preventive services, removing coinsurance for Part D catastrophic coverage, and establishing a $2,000 out-of-pocket spending cap.


  • The Inflation Reduction Act brings significant changes to Medicare Part D, including a $2,000 out-of-pocket spending limit, elimination of the coverage gap phase, and mandated rebates from drug companies if price increases surpass inflation.


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Overview of Wellcare TexanPlus 2025


Wellcare TexanPlus 2025 Overview of Wellcare TexanPlus 2025


Wellcare TexanPlus 2025, a Medicare Advantage plan, is specifically designed to cater to the healthcare needs of Medicare Advantage and Part D Prescription Drug plan members in Texan.

This Medicare plan seeks to bridge the gap in the healthcare system by providing high-quality, cost-efficient healthcare solutions, thereby reducing out-of-pocket expenses for beneficiaries.

Wellcare TexanPlus 2025 offers an array of services and benefits that set it apart from other Medicare Advantage plans. Some of these include:

  • Availing preventive services


  • Participating in the My Wellcare Rewards Program, which encourages healthy lifestyle choices


  • Supplementary benefits like vision coverage and fitness benefits


These services and benefits ensure an all inclusive care experience, providing all-encompassing health care for its members.


Changes to Medicare Part D Under the Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act has significantly transformed Medicare Part D, with the goal of lowering prescription drug costs and bolstering plan payments.

Eliminating the 5% coinsurance requirement for Medicare Part D enrollees in catastrophic coverage starting from 2024 is among the most noteworthy changes.

This Act also introduced a $2,000 out-of-pocket spending cap, paving the way towards affordable healthcare.

Furthermore, it mandates drug companies to provide Medicare with a rebate if drug prices increase at a higher pace than inflation. These changes reflect the government’s commitment to making healthcare affordable for all.


Impact on Coinsurance and Plan Payments

Removing the 5% coinsurance obligation for Part D significantly alleviates the financial burden on beneficiaries. This means that starting from 2024, individuals are no longer required to share a percentage of the costs of their prescription drugs, thus leading to substantial savings.

Altering plan payments also significantly contribute to lowering costs for beneficiaries. Under the Inflation Reduction Act, plan payments for Medicare Part D are calculated at 106% of the Average Sales Price (ASP).

Moreover, the Act introduces a $2,000 out-of-pocket spending cap and eliminates the coverage gap phase in Medicare Advantage plans offered, further reducing out-of-pocket expenses for beneficiaries.


Out-of-Pocket Spending Cap and Coverage Gap Phase

Starting from 2025, the Inflation Reduction Act establishes the following changes for Medicare Part D:

  • A $2,000 out-of-pocket spending limit


  • The cap is subject to an annual increase indexed to rise each year after 2025


  • The coverage gap phase in the Wellcare TexanPlus 2025 plan is abolished


  • Beneficiaries no longer have to pay 100% of their drug costs after reaching a certain limit and before qualifying for catastrophic coverage.


These changes aim to reduce the financial burden on Medicare beneficiaries, following the implementation of the final rule.

These modifications aim to alleviate financial strain on beneficiaries, guaranteeing affordable access to necessary medications without the concern of excessive out-of-pocket expenses.

It’s a testament to the commitment of Wellcare TexanPlus 2025 to provide high-quality, affordable healthcare to all its members.

Integrated Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans (D-SNPs)


Wellcare TexanPlus 2025 Integrated Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans (D-SNPs)


Integrated Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans (D-SNPs) form the core of Wellcare TexanPlus 2025.

These Medicare Advantage plans are specifically designed for individuals who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid, providing them with comprehensive coverage tailored to their unique healthcare needs.

Beneficiaries can easily enroll into D-SNPs by directly contacting the plan provider, visiting their website, or dialing the designated 1-800 number for enrollment assistance. This streamlined process ensures that those who need these plans the most have easy access to them.


Eligibility and Enrollment

To be eligible for a D-SNP under Wellcare TexanPlus 2025, individuals must meet the following criteria:

  • Be 21 years of age or older


  • Have Medicare Parts A, B, and D


  • Receive full Medicaid benefits


  • Be enrolled in the STAR+PLUS program.


The process of applying for the Low Income Subsidy under Wellcare TexanPlus 2025 is straightforward. Beneficiaries can apply by contacting Social Security, or they can fill out an application through Social Security’s Online Application.

This ensures that beneficiaries have several avenues to apply for this vital assistance, making the process as accessible as possible.


Improved Coordination of Medicare and Medicaid Services

Improved coordination between Medicare and Medicaid services stands as one of the D-SNPs’ primary strengths. By enrolling dually eligible individuals, D-SNPs aim to better align the benefits and care covered under the two programs.

This integrated approach seeks to manage healthcare services more effectively for dual beneficiaries, offering a comprehensive range of Medicare and Medicaid services through a single entity, thereby enhancing care management and reducing administrative obstacles.

Wellcare TexanPlus 2025 employs mechanisms such as contractual agreements that require coordination with state Medicaid programs and provides additional support and benefits to ensure the seamless integration of Medicare and Medicaid services for D-SNP enrollees without any additional cost.

This improved coordination of services not only provides a range of benefits but also facilitates a smoother experience for beneficiaries navigating both Medicare and Medicaid systems.


Enhanced Benefits and Cost-Sharing in Wellcare TexanPlus 2025


Wellcare TexanPlus 2025 Enhanced Benefits and Cost-Sharing in Wellcare TexanPlus 2025


Wellcare TexanPlus 2025 introduces enhanced benefits and a fresh approach to cost-sharing, maximizing the value beneficiaries derive from their plan. This includes comprehensive coverage for skilled nursing facilities and a host of additional healthcare services.

Additionally, the plan enhances drug coverage for certain excluded drugs and includes a $0 annual deductible. The cost-sharing structure may vary depending on the point-of-service and whether the pharmacy is in-network, thereby providing beneficiaries with multiple options to manage their healthcare expenses.


Skilled Nursing Facility Coverage

Wellcare TexanPlus 2025’s skilled nursing facility coverage includes:

  • $0 copay per day for days 1 through 20


  • $203 copay per day after day 20


  • Up to 100 days per calendar year covered


  • Precertification required for accessing the benefits


  • $0 deductible


This coverage aims to grant beneficiaries access to essential care and rehabilitation services, ensuring that they have easy access to skilled nursing facilities when they need them the most.

This coverage, during the initial coverage phase, is part of the plan’s comprehensive benefits designed to cater to the specific healthcare needs of beneficiaries.

Whether it’s recovery after a hospital stay or ongoing care for a chronic condition, this coverage ensures that beneficiaries have access to the services they need to manage their health.


Additional Health Care Services

Beyond core benefits, Wellcare TexanPlus 2025 offers an array of supplemental healthcare services at no additional cost. These include preventive services such as annual wellness visits and flu shots, which are vital for maintaining good health and preventing the onset of chronic diseases.

The plan also provides additional services such as vision coverage and fitness benefits. These services are designed to enhance the overall well-being of beneficiaries and help them lead healthier lives.

The plan also includes special benefits for the management of chronic diseases, such as proactive management of conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or congestive heart failure.

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Low Income Subsidy (LIS) and Base Premium Adjustments


Wellcare TexanPlus 2025 Low Income Subsidy (LIS) and Base Premium Adjustments


The Low Income Subsidy (LIS), or Extra Help, stands as a key feature of Wellcare TexanPlus 2025. This federal initiative is aimed at assisting Medicare beneficiaries in covering their prescription drug expenses, thereby making medications more affordable for those who need them the most.

In addition to the LIS, Wellcare TexanPlus 2025 also includes certain adjustments to base premiums.

These adjustments are influenced by factors such as provider fee schedules determined by quality performance and changes to payments received from CMS and Medicare premium revenue. These changes can impact out-of-pocket expenses for beneficiaries, which, exclusive of premiums, had an average of $3,024 per year.


Qualifying for LIS

Individuals must meet several criteria to qualify for LIS: they must have Medicare, limited income and resources, and reside in one of the fifty states or the District of Columbia.

Furthermore, they may be eligible for the full premium subsidy if they are enrolled in a prescription drug plan that is increasing the premium above the low-income premium amount.

The eligibility for LIS is determined by income and resource limits. The Inflation Reduction Act extends eligibility for the full LIS benefit to specific individuals and raises the income threshold for partial LIS benefits, thus broadening the reach of this vital assistance.


Changes to Base Premiums

Alterations to base premiums can substantially affect the total healthcare cost for beneficiaries. In 2024, Wellcare may impose a monthly premium of around 50 cents, give or take.

This represents a significant reduction in premiums compared to previous years, resulting in substantial cost savings for beneficiaries.

Historically, there has been a tendency of decreased Medicare Advantage premiums, presenting noteworthy cost savings for beneficiaries.

Any changes to base premiums can influence cost-sharing, out-of-pocket limits, and supplementary benefits for Medicare Advantage plans.


Service Area and Network Providers


Wellcare TexanPlus 2025 Service Area and Network Providers


Wellcare TexanPlus 2025 aims to offer accessible, high-quality care to beneficiaries in selected geographic areas within Texan.

The service area for Wellcare TexanPlus 2025 encompasses:

  • Austin County


  • Chambers County


  • Fort Bend County


  • Galveston County


Beyond its extensive coverage area, Wellcare TexanPlus 2025 also boasts a strong network of healthcare providers.

This network includes a range of healthcare providers including:

  • doctors


  • hospitals


  • pharmacies


  • other healthcare professionals


This ensures that beneficiaries have access to high-quality care whenever they need it.


Geographic Coverage

Wellcare TexanPlus 2025’s geographic coverage includes the following counties in Texan:

  • Austin


  • Chambers


  • Fort Bend


  • Galveston


This wide coverage, supported by the federal government, ensures that beneficiaries have access to the healthcare services they need, regardless of where they live.

While Wellcare TexanPlus 2025 provides coverage for most regions in Texan, it is important for beneficiaries to check the official Wellcare website for the most up-to-date information on coverage. Unfortunately, the plan does not extend coverage beyond the borders of Texan.


Provider Network

Wellcare TexanPlus 2025’s provider network is all-inclusive, comprising a variety of healthcare providers like doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and other healthcare professionals.

Members of the Wellcare TexanPlus 2025 provider network can avail themselves of services such as a 24-Hour Nurse Advice Line, access to a network of doctors and hospitals, and exclusive plans for enrollees with both Medicare and Medicaid eligibility.

Information pertaining to key healthcare providers in the Wellcare TexanPlus 2025 network can be accessed on the Wellcare website.

The network also includes specialty providers such as AcariaHealth Pharmacy, Accredo Health Group, and CVS Caremark Specialty Pharmacy, ensuring that beneficiaries have access to a wide range of healthcare services.


Wellcare TexanPlus 2025 represents a hallmark in government initiatives to improve healthcare services and reduce costs for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries in Texan.

Through a blend of innovative strategies and comprehensive benefits, the program aims to bridge the gaps in the healthcare system and provide high-quality, cost-efficient healthcare solutions to all beneficiaries.

The changes brought about by the Inflation Reduction Act and the introduction of D-SNPs further enhance the value of this program.

As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, Wellcare TexanPlus 2025 serves as a beacon of hope for a healthier future.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is Wellcare Texan plus a Medicare Advantage plan?

Yes, Wellcare TexanPlus No Premium (HMO-POS) is a Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) plan offered by WellCare Health Plans, Inc.


Did Wellcare get bought out?

Yes, WellCare was bought out by Centene Corporation in January 2020.


Is Wellcare Medicaid or Medicare in Texan?

In Texan, Wellcare’s Allwell Dual Medicare (HMO SNP) plan is available for those eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid, with Medicare as the primary payor and Medicaid as the secondary payor. Additionally, Medicare Advantage plans are also offered through Wellcare By Allwell in Texan.


Who are the recipients of Wellcare TexanPlus 2025?

The recipients of Wellcare TexanPlus 2025 are members of the Medicare Advantage and Part D Prescription Drug plans in Texan.


What improvements have been made to Medicare Part D under the Inflation Reduction Act?

Under the Inflation Reduction Act, Medicare Part D has seen the elimination of the 5% coinsurance requirement and the introduction of a $2,000 out-of-pocket spending cap. This brings relief to enrollees by reducing their financial burden.

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